Some day the world will become one, whereby the East will embrace the West, but not yet. Now a message divinely brought forth, in a region of the world seen as the most divisive, it is here where the flower of unity must begin to grow. Between the east and west are the Semites, Arabs and Jews, the children of Abraham, the children of Shem. All the Semites are now called upon to merge into a new nation. In the land of the prophets, the Semites are called upon to enlighten the world that what seems a world apart can come together under GOD.The Semites are to shed their superficial differences and embrace one another as a symbol of unity to the world. The states of Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and all whom call themselves Semitic are called upon to merge together as one nation in which its name shall be SEMITICA.  You who are Semitic of the faiths Christian, Muslim, or Jew understand that you are all tied together by blood more so than with any other people as the children of Shem. Call your religious name what you want, there is but GOD, The time has come for unity to occur, The holy spirit is calling upon the descendents of the prophets to set the example. As a Semite, can you take this bold step.

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Understanding your Semitic roots